Ken Powers

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Ken is an accomplished IT professional with an extensive track record of over 34 years, specializing in the implementation and support of inventory and financial software solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Westminster College. Ken’s career journey includes notable roles at esteemed institutions such as St. Louis University Medical Center in Missouri, Hawaii Pacific Health in Honolulu, and in April began his 28th year at Seattle Children’s Hospital demonstrating continuous growth and dedication to advancing technological capabilities.

In 2016, Ken assumed the role of a software consultant for Clothes for Kids, where his strategic insights brought enhanced stability to the existing student shopping visits management tool. Displaying unwavering commitment to progress, he initiated the development of a ground-up software application named “Harmony.” This innovative platform serves as a pivotal asset for efficient management of in-store and warehouse inventory, alongside a comprehensive approach to student management.

Ken’s passion for integrating technology aligns seamlessly with the dynamic demands of accurate data management and time efficiency. He remains steadfast in his pursuit of pioneering solutions that elevate technological prowess to meet ever-evolving challenges.