About Us

Clothes for Kids Mission Statement 

Clothes For Kids cultivates confidence and a readiness to learn by providing students the opportunity to choose personalized wardrobes at no cost to their families.  

Clothes for Kids Vision Statement 

To empower students for success, one wardrobe at a time!  

What We Do 
Since 1984, Clothes For Kids has enhanced the learning environment by meeting the clothing needs of low-income children in Snohomish County and the Northshore School District. We provide these services to children in our community so they may arrive to school ready to learn.  

Many low-income families are challenged with meeting fundamental needs. Clothing that is the right size, comfortable, and allows a child to fit in with peers is essential to a positive learning environment.  Clothes For Kids provides an opportunity for students to shop for a school wardrobe in a retail-like environment and take home approximately 24 articles of clothing. 

In the past five years Clothes For Kids has provided more than 18,000 wardrobes to low-income students attending preschool to high school in Snohomish County.