From Our Volunteers!

Barbara Pardo (CFK volunteer for 1 year)

Now that I am retired, I am rich in time to invest in kids in our community and give them the dignity of a “new” wardrobe.


Patricia Bakke (CFK volunteer for 7 years)

Was a career teacher and love kids – love helping them succeed and feel good about themselves. Such fun to see the joy when they “model” a beautiful dress or the jacket of their dreams. I relocated to Lynnwood from Kirkland and have loved finding new friends up north!


Linda Twigg (25 years of volunteering, 1 mo. at CFK)

I enjoy working with an organization that is working with and helping kids.


Doreen Rupprecht (2 years)

One of my memorable times here at CFK was when a little boy was shopping with his mom and I asked him if he should be in school. He told me it was his 6th birthday and he needed a new coat. We found one for him, a cute red one, and he was so happy!


Seokkee Murdock (CFK volunteer for 7 years)

I enjoy coming in on Wednesdays, working with really friendly, helpful Wednesday volunteers. I am happy to help girls and boys go back to school with nice-looking clothes and shoes.


Sheryl Stefanson (CFK volunteer for 6)

I enjoy helping the children and seeing the smiles on their faces when they choose their new clothes and shoes.


Shirley Lyons (CFK volunteer for 15 years)

I like helping others and giving back to the community, and making new friends.


Charlotte Johnson (CFK volunteer for 4.5 years)

I’m retired, and love to work with the other volunteers in the Wednesday group. I also love the smiles of the kids and families as they are leaving the shop.


Carol Beckwith (CFK volunteer for 2 years)

Earlier this year, we were able to help a family that lost everything in the massive fire in Lynnwood on Scriber Lake Road. The family was so appreciative and it was great that we got to help them. At my first CFK volunteer orientation meeting, I remember former Program Director Nancy Laird-Burris saying, “These kids didn’t ask for this.”


Deanna Swenson (CFK volunteer for 3 years)

I volunteer here because children need to have a place to come and shop for school, whether they have money or not. Parent need to feel that they are giving their children the best chance to learn, and not have to worry about their children being the objects of scorn because of their parents’ situation.


Judy Davis (CFK volunteer for 3 years)

Volunteering is a way to vote about what kind of community you want to live in! I have three young kids and wanted to volunteer for an organization that helps children. Once I met with Nancy at Clothes For Kids, I was hooked! Clothes For Kids helps kids that my own kids go to school with. If I was ever in a position to need this resource, I would want Clothes For Kids to be thriving and available. I believe that every child should be able to attend school and focus on learning, instead of worrying about clothes and food.


Mona Carter (CFK volunteer for 3 years)

Volunteering at Clothes For Kids is a great hands-on opportunity to interact with the families that come in to the shop.


Diane Martineau (CFK volunteer for 12 years)

I volunteer at Clothes For Kids to support my community, especially children and families!


Denise Fridge (CFK volunteer for 1 year, CFK board member for 5 years)

I worked on the front lines at Edmonds Community College, where many of my students accessed Clothes For Kids. This organization changes the lives of families – I’ve seen that first-hand. It is the reason that I come back to volunteer each week.


Alex Young (CFK volunteer for 8 months)

I volunteer at Clothes For Kids because I want to help low-income children and families.


Anna McClatchey (CFK volunteer for 1 year)

I volunteer together with my daughter, Katie, who is 14 years old. We have learned a lot at Clothes For Kids, and to really appreciate what we have in the world. We don’t take anything for granted.